Are You Sick Of Paying Expensive Electricity Bills?

  • Requires No Upfront Investment
  • Save With Government Rebates
  • All Warranties Held Locally
  • Start Saving On Your Very Next Bill
  • Repayments As Low As $17.87* A Week
  • 6.6KW System Starting at $3850
6.6kw solar system price
2023 solar bill

Get Solar In 3 Easy Steps


To begin with, we come to you! Booking a FREE Solar Energy Assessment at your property.We will provide a full tailor-made assessment and also provide the opportunity to ask questions and choose the system right for you.


Secondly, sit back and relax! Let our gold coast solar panel installers do their job. Leave all the paperwork, permits, claims and inspections to us. Our in-house Solar electrical team will outstandingly install your personalised system.


Last but not least let the savings come as the sun is shining. You’ll be able to monitor your system’s performance with our inverters app from your desktop or mobile phone. Then, start planning your next holiday!

Let’s Get in Touch

In other words, would you like to see how a Solar installation looks?

Or, witness the performance in real time of one of our Gold Coast Solar Installations during business hours?

Then come in and visit Our Gold Coast Solar Energy Office in Ashmore.

One of our in-house Solar Experts can walk you through our installations while discussing the best Solar alternatives for your needs.

Universe Solar Directors Peter and Nikki

A Trusted Name with a Face

Peter and Nikki Chrisanthis, the founders of Universe Solar, have been the driving force behind the company since its establishment in 2009. As a dedicated husband-and-wife team, they have passionately pursued their vision of supplying the finest solar systems, establishing Universe Solar as a highly regarded and reliable solar company in the Gold Coast area. Their unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability has been instrumental in shaping the company’s reputation. Through their leadership, Universe Solar has not only delivered efficient solar solutions but has also exemplified a dedication to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility


How Does Solar Work?

Once solar is installed on your property the solar panels will convert the sunlight into DC current (Direct Current) this then travels to your inverter and is converted to AC current (Alternating Current) this will supply your Home/Business, any appliance using power during solar production will get priority meaning you no longer have to draw energy from the grid. All excess energy produced is sent back to the grid where your retailer will pay a feed-in tariff.


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All our Product warranties
are held within Australia!

Have you been promised “Manufacturer’s Warranty” but the manufacturer is based overseas? Well, you won’t have that issue when you invest in Solar Power with Universe Solar. To sum up, we hold all our warranties locally and we deal with the whole process, that way you have nothing to worry about!


If you live on the Gold Coast come around! In Our Gold Coast Solar Energy Centre one of our Solar Experts can show you how Solar works, all our available packages, and answer all your questions.

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