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  • Requires No Upfront Investment
  • Up To $5k In Government Rebates
  • All Warranties Held On The Gold Coast
  • Start Saving On Your Very Next Bill
  • Repayments From $33 A Week
This Family Is Saving A Year! Thanks to one of our Solar Power Systems!
before and after solar installation - Benowa Gold Coast power bills

Our Gold Coast Solar Panels can:

  • Reduce your Power bill up to 80%
  • Save you thousands
  • Allow you to run your air-con, heater, spa or devices all day long

QLD & NSW Home Owners pay for Solar Power with their Power Savings!

Still receiving excessive electricity bills?

If so, are you wanting to take control of your Energy costs?

Would you like to start saving today by generating your own Power? 

This Home's Electricity Bill SLASHED From $700 per quarter to just $250 per Quarter thanks to high quality Gold Coast solar Panels!

Now Critton & His Family Are SAVING $1,800 a year! After installing the Best Gold Coast Solar Panels. In other words, In 20 years he will save over $40,000 because the Price of Power will keep going up!

Say Goodbye To Expensive Electricity Bills By Installing High Quality Gold Coast Solar Panels!

We've Helped Many Home Owners Save Up To 80% On Their Electricity Bills

Critton is one of our happy customers, his Power Bill used to be $700 per quarter for a family of 4. After investing in a Universe Solar  Gold Coast Solar System his power bill went DOWN to $250 per quarter. Therefore, he’s another happy customer!

Packages available for everyone’s needs!


To begin with, the most important thing to understand about how Solar Panels work is:

  • Once your Solar System is installed, it will be producing Power during the day.
  • Now, you will use your own system’s Power instead of the Grid Power.
  • Previously, you were buying that day-time power from the grid. Now you’re not.
  • That $$$ you’re saving by not buying electricity from the grid anymore, you use it to pay off your Solar System.
  • As a result, within 2 to 3 years your system is completely paid off and you will be putting all that MONEY back into your savings account!!


Thanks to a little-known government program called the Australian Solar Credits Program, Homeowners could receive up to $5,000 in rebates to help pay for their Solar Panels, which makes Solar a no-brainer!

In conclusion, Employ the Sun and invest in Solar! With the government’s help you can start saving money off your power bill straight away! As a result, you won’t have to worry about expensive power bills ever again!

Go Solar Power In 3 Easy Steps

FREE Solar Energy Assessment

To begin with, we go to you! Booking a Gold Coast FREE Solar Energy Assessment at your property, offers you the opportunity to know how to cut your cost of living and take some financial pressure off your entire family.

Solar System Installation

Secondly, sit back and relax! Let the experts do their job. Leave all the paperwork, permits, claims and inspections for us. Then Our in-house Solar electrical team will outstandingly install your personalised system.

Solar Savings & Monitoring

Last but not least, let the savings come as the sun is shinning. You’ll be able to monitor your system’s performance with our inverters app from your desktop or mobile phone. Then, start planning your next holiday!


Oour Solar Energy Services

Cut your home electricity bill by up to 80% with one of our tailored solar packages & stop the power bill shock.​

As a business owner cutting your overheads and energy costs, will free up vital cash-flow.

Rural and farming power needs are very unique and our custom solar solutions will slash your power costs guaranteed.

Redilight Skylight alternative and Solar powered Lighting Systems


Universe Solar is widely recognised  and experienced Gold Coast Solar Panels company and Solar Installer. Ou Solar Power Systems are proven to work and we back up our workmanship with a 10 year installation warranty. Therefore, you can get the best advise, the best products, the highest workmanship quality and outstanding after sales service. 

10 Years in the Solar industry, servicing Local and Rural Queensland and New South Wales, has brought our expertise to the next level. As a result, we offer Solar Energy Solutions for every need! Your home, your business or your isolated station. So, you can rest assure you will be in the hands of an experienced Gold Coast Solar Company.

All our Product warranties are held within Australia!

Have you been promised “Manufacturers Warranty” but the manufacturer is based overseas? Well, you won’t have that issue when you invest in Solar Power with the Best Gold Coast Solar Panels at Universe Solar. To sum up, we held all our warranties locally and we deal with the whole process, that way you have nothing to worry about!

Local Solar Energy Centre & Showroom!

If you live on the Gold Coast come around! In Our Gold Coast Solar Energy Centre, one of our Solar Experts can show you how Solar works, all our available packages and also, they can answer all your questions. So you know, we are located in 10 Ashmore Road, Bundall QLD 4217 and we are open to the public Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm. 

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