Who is Universe Solar?

Founded in 2009 by the dedicated husband-and-wife team of Nikki and Peter Chrisanthis, Universe Solar has established itself as a beacon of quality and reliability in the Gold Coast solar industry. This family-run business shines not just in its commitment to providing top-tier solar solutions but also in its personalised approach to customer service. Let’s explore what makes Universe Solar a standout in the renewable energy sector and what Universe Solar does.

A History of Excellence and Innovation

For over a decade, Universe Solar has been at the forefront of the solar energy revolution in Queensland and New South Wales. Their mission has been clear from the start: to supply the best solar systems and create a reliable Gold Coast Solar company. This commitment is evident in their choice of quality solar products and in their thorough understanding of industry developments through market research, solar product exhibitions, trade shows, and industry networks.

Comprehensive Services for Diverse Solar Needs

Universe Solar caters to a wide range of solar needs, offering services for residential, commercial, and rural setups. Their expertise extends from basic solar panel installations to complex, integrated solar power systems. The company’s offerings include solar batteries, solar hot water systems, and cutting-edge inverters. Universe Solar ensures that their systems integrate seamlessly with the grid, optimising solar savings and enhancing energy efficiency for homes and businesses.

Local Presence, National Impact

Despite its local roots in the Gold Coast, Universe Solar’s impact stretches across state lines, serving communities throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Their local solar energy center and showroom in Gold Coast stand as a testament to their commitment to the community, offering a space where clients can learn about solar works, explore various packages, and have all their questions answered by solar experts.

Customer-Centric Approach

What sets Universe Solar apart is its customer-centric approach. Numerous reviews from satisfied clients highlight the professionalism, knowledge, and customer service the company provides. From guiding clients through the selection process to a seamless installation and after-sales support, Universe Solar ensures that each customer’s journey into solar power is smooth and rewarding.

Contributing to a Sustainable Future

Universe Solar’s dedication to sustainability is evident in every aspect of their business. By providing clean, green, and renewable energy solutions, they are playing a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and promoting a more sustainable future. The company’s work aligns with Australia’s growing commitment to renewable energy, making them a key player in the nation’s green revolution.

Quality and Warranty – A Promise of Reliability

Universe Solar doesn’t just promise quality; they guarantee it. Their products come with warranties held within Australia, offering peace of mind and assurance of support. The focus on high-quality solar products ensures that clients not only receive efficient energy solutions but also long-term reliability and performance.

In conclusion, Universe Solar stands out in the Gold Coast and beyond for its commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainable energy solutions. Their journey from a local family-run business to a leader in the solar industry is a testament to their dedication to making solar power accessible and beneficial for all. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to cut down on energy bills or a business seeking sustainable energy solutions, Universe Solar’s expertise and service are sure to light up your solar journey.